Securing and increasing assets is imperative.


A sustainable optimization of earnings is the basis for value increase of the property.


We develop individual strategies for your object and monitor the continuous process according to its state and the personal situation.


Asset management is senior to the individual, sometimes overlapping scopes of performance. The quality assurance of property and facility management plays an important role here.


We run your external service providers and take care of maintenance and repairs of your property.


Asset Optimization


Tenancy Management


A successful investment is based on the purchase and sale of a property.


Together with you as buyer resp. seller we develop a market-driven purchasing and selling strategy.


The transaction process is structured by us from A to Z, and after the transaction we continue to assist you with our services.



Compilation and Summary of all Documents



Only by its renters your property becomes a stably profitable object. Satisfied renters are the key to attractive profits. Our personal contacts definitely contribute to this goal.


The letting process is exclusively performed by us. Due to our associated partners we are always in the position to recommend reviewed and solvent potential renters to you.


We are the first contact point for your renters and for your external service providers - any necessary communication and correspondence is outsourced.


Renters’ Support

Tenancy Administration

Planning of Maintenance and Repairs

Running of all External Service Providers

Tenancy Management




Property investment is more complex than other financial investments.


Our reporting is generally future-oriented and takes into consideration not only historical investment data, such as for example purchasing prices, but also current market values and predicted values.


Our aim is a transparent presentation which enables our customer to make an objective investment decision.


Characteristic Factors / Indexes


Structured Information


Facility Management comprises operating and managing the property and at the same time optimizing and lowering costs.


In practice, it means ensuring by own staff and cooperation partners that the property is in a technically and optically immaculate state.


Our service for renters: If our facility services are also ordered for the rented areas your renters benefit from this, too.


Our technical facility management ensures a smooth maintenance of the property. In the case of change of renters or first letting we coordinate and regulate all necessary actions.


Routine Care and Object Maintenance

Service for Renters

Maintenance and Repairs




Our services are based on long-term, sustainable considerations which also take into account the needs of generations to come.


Nowadays property is more than ever regarded as a solid investment of assets and is an important part of retirement arrangements.


If you plan to increase your personal portfolio by one or more properties we would assist you from the first step on up to the purchase of your new property. Our service includes supporting you in case of financial questions as well as for all previously necessary negotiations.


Market Analysis







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